Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hey friends.
I thought i would post an update since i went to oncologist fri for bloodwork. My white blood cells were low which is the usual pattern for two weeks after treatment. I just have to be very careful around other people, use tons of hand gel and avoid crowds. My nurse said the flu is going around and i am susceptable right now.
But I have had a good weekend. Roger has been off work this weekend so we have been together. He always makes me smile! Yesterday we watched college football together and took the kids to eat. we went at 4:00 tryin to miss the crowd but the hotwings place we went to was a little crowded becuase of the football game so i was very careful. i went to church today and sat in balcony, just me and roger. it is just a small area where cameras are. It was a good service but no hugs from my church family.
I wanted everyone to know that next fri is the last of the first phase of chemo. so, no more red devil after this friday!! i am glad. it is really hard on gi tract. The next phase is another kind of chemo weekly for twelve weeks so i am getting close to being halfway done with chemo. after that, radiation, which shouldn't be bad at all. The bad thing about the tumor was that it was triple negative which means i wont respond to any hormonal treatments that are usually used. that is why we have to hit it hard with chemo and radiation. it is a little scary that there is still a possibility of it coming back but it's all in God's hands right? i cant' wait to get back to living life to the fullest! and not being so broke! lol. But through it all, the surgery, the chemo , God has been good and his word holds true.
That's the update for now.
Hope everyone is doing well.

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Valerie said...

I am so glad to get an update from you. I have been concerned. I am still praying for you everyday.