Saturday, September 5, 2009

ups and downs

Hey everyone.
I wanted to post an update on my treatment and progress. I have been very tired this week and have had crying spells at times. At other times i have been fine. I saw the research nurse on fri and she said that my fatigue is most likely the accumulation of the chemo in my body and my red blood cell count being a little low. She suggested i take a multivite to give me some energy. My white blood cell coumt was slightly but not dangerously low so i just have to be cautious about being around crouds. I am already on an antibiotic daily to ward off bacterial infections. So, that was about it.
I have to admit, it's getting harder to sit in the waiting room at the cancer enter. . Ilook around at all the other people, mostly older than me, who are sick and I think that this is a place I never thought I would find myself. I have also realized how hard it must be on my mom taking me for treatments. This is a hard thing on everyone involved. I am hoping that I can have a friend take me for my next treatment.

That said, I have had a pretty good weekend thus far. Roger cooked dinner for us last night and I went to the northwest football football game. it usually doesn't bother me to go in my scarf or hat but i knew there would be people there who i don't usually see and maybe didn't even know i was under treatment. Anyway, a friend from church assured me I could sit with her and it turned out that there were lots of people from my church and other friends that were so supportive. It wasn't hard at all. This just opens my eyes to how God works through his people. I had a great time and a friend brought me home just after half time. Being out around people breathes so much life into me! this morning, rusty and I went to panara where i got a yogurt parfait (so good) and to walmart. then i came home and rested. I have been able torest really well lately and that has been a blessing.

Tomorrow, church and steph said she is coming so i have been excited. That's about it. i'm just passing the time til Roger gets up and comes over before work.

Take care and remember you are unique and special and God has great plans for you.


Eve said...

Hey Michele also some probiotics are good. They will help your immune systems and help your tummy if your feeling sick. You might want to start with the dan active drinks and then go to the tablets. They helped me get over some stuff. Anything to pump immune system!! God will heal you!!!!
Much Love!!

mjketchem said...

Hi Michele, I hope you're having a great Labor Day. I am about to go walking, keeping in practice for the 1 Mile Walk. It is not (repeat NOT) hard for me to take you to treatment. Love, MOM

Valerie said...

Michelle, you are so blessed to have a Mom like that. Believe me, us Moms like to know anything we can do to help our daughters. You keep going girl. When you think you are weak, be strong. You are.