Sunday, July 5, 2009

going through the valley to get to the mountain

Here I am a few months after my first blog. I have been divorced one and a half years now. I have learned that I can do things on my own such as moving, painting, using tools, popping the hood of the car etc... I now have my own little condo, 2002 beetle which i'm very fond of, new job, even new dog and new interest and zeal for life. I now know myself well enough to know what's important to me: God and people, not things. Peace and happiness are important to me as well as making ends meet but wanting more material things, no. I have found things that breathe life into me such as real praise and worship, relationship instead of religion, spending time with real friends that lift me up and lifting them up, and sowing seeds into the lives of others.

Also, I never thought this would happen but I have fallen into amazing and true love with someone from the same community that I never dreamed would happen? Isn't it amazing how God can turn your life upside down then right side up gain and it be better than before. It's kind of like taking a snow globe, holding it upside down shaking it then turning it right side up and it is prettier than ever!

That's kind of what God did to me!

When I began the process of divorce after 22 long years of marriage, I was scared to death. My marriage wasn't good but it was security. How would I ever make it alone? A wise lawyer told me that going into it , divorce is like a mountain in front of you, you can't see over or around it. But when you finally get to the top , you see there is a whole new world on the other side! I didn't believe him at the time, because i just knew my life was over and had in store for me. But guess what I'm on the other side!!!!

As far as my job, due to depression and emotional issues stemming from marital problems, I left a teaching career of 18 years about six months before my divorce was final. I took this time to refind myself and heal. God provided to me during this time when I was living on faith. When it was time to go back to work, I decided to change careers. I found out that when God closes a door in your life, he opens a window! I got this wonderful job as primary service provider and early interventionist for babies and toddlers for a program called "Babies Can't Wait" , I now have the opportunity to provide intervention to families. I soon realized that, although not very lucrative (I am independent contractor with no benefits) , this was my calling. It has been an amazing experience for me to sew into the lives of my clients! I have met the most wonderful people and the have blessed me tremendously.

Then about four weeks ago, my diagnosis. I want to write more on that later. Know this was long but I have a lot to tell! I hope you were able to stay with me!

God is good through it all!


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