Saturday, July 25, 2009

One week into treatment!

Well, hello again. It has been a while since i blogged. There was some kind of technical problem with my account. Anyway, I finally figured it out.
Well, tomorrow will be a week since my first treatment. And God has given me the strength one day at a time, one hour at a time to get through this. It has definitely not been easy but Hehas given me strentgh, hope and grace for each day. Eleven more weeks to go in the first leg.
The treatment itself wasn't so bad. I have this wonderful port under the skin in my chest which makes things much easier. the worst part was the numbing and pressure but just a stick and it was done! My wonderful surgeon, dr rawlings put it in when he did the lumpectomy. It was funny, the whole time I was hungry, munching on sandwiches and cookies and Roger kept sticking freezy pops into my mouth when i got the "red devil" as instructed by the nurse. I honestly think it was harder on him than it was on me. He really does love me a lot. it's funny, i don't remember much of that night, think it was some of the stuff in my i v. my mom came over with chicken and dumplings though and i ate two bowls then kind of out of it. I also took this 120 dollar pill the first few days that helps with side effects, but guess what, the research nurse has gotten it paid for for all my treatments! The next day was not that great, flushed and hot feeling in face. {I found out they had also given me a steroid which i don't tolerate well!} Think i napped a lot that day. the next day I felt really good for most of the day and did okay the rest of the week except for some nausea , headache and fatigue. I was able to put in a half day's work which was a blessing. As for work, my research nurse told me to live life as usual, just use hand sanitizer and tell anyone sick to stay away! No isolation or mask as long as levels are okay. first finger stick count fri was fine! Praise the Lord! it would eally effect my mood if i could not do my job since it "breathes life into me" , will tell you more about it later.
Big event today, my granny turned88 and we had a big party. saw lots of relatives i usually don't see, hugged a few and just used sanitizer. It was worth it. I also was invited to the third birthday of one of my clients. Her mom and I have become great friends and it was awesome to spend some time with them.
I also got a pedicure! I now only get one a month because of my finances so it felt sooo good. the massage chair was wonderful, darling. Did I tell you my friend cut my hair short for free and put a hot pink extension in it. And some of my friends are getting them for breast cancer awareness. It is so awesome when you see Jesus through people, their acts of kindness really touch me deep inside.
Have you ever listened to Michael Combs? I started off my morning with listening to him singing Not For Sale which I on my facebook. he is a truly annointed gospel singer who really inspires me. The other song I listened to was Ray Boltz, The Anchor Holds. It is a classic! God really speaks to me thru music.
Well, I'll wrap up for tonight. I wanted to summarize my first week of treatment. I have been sleeping well, that's a praise for me since I am an insomniac at times. I have some new pics of my hair that I'll try to post tomorrow. love you all.
Isaiah 40:31

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Anonymous said...

Hey Michelle - It sounds like you are doing well after your treatment. Wonderful news!!
I love reading your blog. My mom is a blogger and I have given her your site. I told her your amazing story. I hope you continue to do well. Take care.
Shannon Talley