Thursday, August 27, 2009


Hey everyone! I hope all is well.
We had an awesome church service. Bro. Marty preached about the rapture and that always gets me excited! We had a great prayer time but my heart is broken for my friends, the Gambrells. They just found out that their three year old granddaughter has leukemia and starts treatment today. We were all so heartbroken. Her name is Kayla Gambrell and she will be at tc thompsons for eight months getting chemo! I just cant' imagine what they are going through. But Monica and Bear are such awesome Christians and they know where they get their strength!
I have a busy day. I am meeting a family at the health dept at 10:30 for a doctor's visit and going to help a friend on a writing assignment and then to lunch with her. Then I am hoping to have another appointment scheduled this afternoon. Busy is good because I am dreading tomorrow's treatment. I will be glad to get another one behind me but it is a long day and am not looking forward to the side effects next week. I have felt so well this week. It has been awesome. I certainly don't take well days for granted and am so thankful for them!
A friend gave me an awesome praise and worship cd which i am listening to. that really gets me going!
Well, I hope that God blesses you today according to his riches in heaven!
If God was small enough to be understood, he wouldn't be big enough to be worshipped!

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Valerie said...

I am praying for you and I will also pray for that little girl and her family. So sad.