Sunday, August 23, 2009


Hello everyone. I haven't written a few days so i thought i would catch up. I went to get my blood work done on fri and my wbc were up in normal range, actually above, so that was a praise! it is the first time in four weeks. Kasey,the research nurse said it was from that awful nulesta shot i got. thank the Lord though, I don't have to get it again! Anyway, on thursday I came down with the sniffles and then cough so i have done nothing but go from the couch to the bed for two days. I am thinking that i am feelin a little better though. i have been up more this afternoon so hopefully by tomorrow i'll be much better. This friday, I will be halfway through the first leg of the treatment and one third through the total treatment. It look like by mid november, i'll be through with chemo and just radiation to go. That will be such a blessing and I can go on with my life, cancer free. Well, still a little tired, gonna get off.
Remember, If God had a wallet, your photo would be in it!
He adores you!


Valerie said...

You are the most positive person ever. What an example you are. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Alice Grace said...

Keep that faith and that wonderful attitude! You will overcome this, I feel sure, because of your faith and the wonderful care of your doctors.