Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Good bye hair!

Well, when I got up this morning, I ran my fingers through my hair and got a big wad. Don't know how long it will take until i'm bald but it seems to be coming out pretty quick today. Being a woman and bald just doesn't seem to go together. i've known this would happen for a month but still no way to prepare for it. it is just something you have to experience.

I am still pretty tired and some headache and nausua. I am hoping this will subside by my treatment fri. please be in prayer that my system is up before the next treatment. This is a very hard thing to go through. I sympathasize with anyone who is going through or has been through this. Chemo is rough and some days i feel like it is kickin my butt! But then God gives me a brand new day and sends people with encouraging words or i have a good cry and things are better.

Did I tell you roger got a job after being unemployed for four months? he started training this week from seven to seven and i don't even get to talk to him on breaks. it is really hard, because he's been with me each day, each step of the way. i miss him like crazy!

Well after the next treatment i will get the shop that keeps my wbc countup. maybe that will keep me from feelin so lousy and iwill be able towork more. i miss my clients!

Well, i guess that's all for now. Roger will be off in 21 minutes and i need to call and check on zack.

The best high is the most high!


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