Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This is Ollie, our fat cat! When we found him two years ago, he was scragly, tiny and dirty. Now look at him! I think he weighs more than Rusty. He loves to eat; catfood, dogfood, it doesn't matter but the only people food he likes is yogurt! In this pic, he had sneaked into my closet for a nap. It is one of his favorite places. He is lazy in the house but still catches mice outside so I guess he does his job. That is our cat, Ollie!


Valerie said...

Well you can tell I have been busy. I missed your last posts. Aren't animals precious? I don't have any at this time in my life but my grandchildren do and they give them such joy. Hope you are doing well.

Valerie said...

Ok. Yes this is 2 comments but just wanted to check on you and see how you are. I always look to see if you have done a post and didn't see a new one so thought I would let you know you are missed.