Tuesday, August 11, 2009

God is always right on time~!

Hello, friends. I haven't blogged in a couple of days. I want to update you on what's been going on.
I had my second treatment on fri which went fine. I was okay fri and sat just a little tired. On sunday at 9:00 a.m I had to go in and get a nulesta shot to keep my wbc count up. This is because my counts went down after my first treatment and, because my immune systme was down, had to isolate for fear of contracting a bacterial infection.

So, on sun morning, zack and I drove up to memorial so I could get the shot. There were six or eight other people there, the rest of the center was closed so all i had to do was sign up and get my shot so in about 30 min we were headed back to dalton. we came to house for a few minutes then headed to church.

This was my first time going to church bald wearing a hat and since roger had just started working a job third shift, he couldn't be there with me. it was not like i was alone though, zack, garrett, and another friend sat with me. I don't know what came over me, i just started crying, tears pouring down my face. friends were coming up to me hugging me and giving me so much support, but i just couldnt stop. then, I started feeling so bad, I couldn't even focus on the singing or preaching. All I could think was I had to get to Roger. He has a way of making me feel at peace. After telling Zack I was leaving, i headed straight over to Rogers where he was sleepin after working all night. I just crawled up beside him, crying. He didn't know what was wrong but I felt at ease and was able to go to sleep for a couple of hours. The same sick, weak, achy feeling continued sunday and monday. my mom came over and cooked and cleaned for me. that's really about all i remember. I was an emotional wreck and "sick as a dog".

Well, i know that many people had started praying for me. I got some emails from ladies at the church and spoke to a couple of my christian friends and thankfully, when I got up this morning, i didn't feel as bad. I went back to sleep until about 11, then got up, showered and met a friend for lunch! i spent some time with stephanie, my daughter and my mom and went to my work meeting! The sick feeling had subsided just leaving me a little weak. I was able to eat two meals and even a snack! I am so thankful. God is good and is always on time. Prayers went up and a blessing came down! Thank you to everyone who lifted me up in prayer! It really does worked. I could feel the calmness coming over me today. I am now ready to face tomorrow and the next day and the next! God's anchor always holds and his word is true!

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Valerie said...

I am so glad that you have someone to lean on like that and there is nothing like a mom, is there? My prayers are with you always.