Saturday, August 29, 2009

yesterday's treatment

Hey friends. I made it through my third treatment.
My mom and I arrived at memorial at 8:45 after driving in the rain. I had my labs done and good news, my wbc are in normal range! The bad news is , my rbc and hemoglobin is a little low so I have to try to eat more red meats to get it up a little , which i am already working on. I saw the doc and he said he was not gonna reduce the chemo because he wanted it to be and effective treatment but he did half the steroid dosage and give me and extra bag of fluid. I do not have to get the nulasta shot. Yea! Instead I will take an oral dose of augmentin everyday and proceed with caution.
So, I had my regular treatment which took about two and a half hours in all. The nurse had a little bit of a hard time accessing my port but other than that it went fine. After I finished there, I went to the radiologist who is in the building right next door. that's what is so good about the team approach. all my docs are under one roof and part of a team! He was a very nice looking, sweet doc. he examined me, said the surgical site looked good and talked to me about he radiation part of my treatment. It will start after 18 more weeks of chemo which will be in january. I have to have 33 treatments! I will have to go to memorial everyday but that's ok. i had rather stick with the team of doctors i have been using. the beam will go in one side of my breast and out of the other. nothing will be effected but breast tissue. he says by then i will be feeling better from finishing the chemo and that this will be the easiest part! the actual procedure only takes about 15 minutes.
When i left there, i realized i had ordered my m mend which is a very high powered, expensive, antinausua drug that i have to take the day of and two days after treatement. I started panicking! so i went back to my oncologist and explained what happened. they said not to worry, they would work something out. So, they had to put an iv in , this time in my arm not in my port and give it to me intravenously. so this took another hour . i am getting the other two overnight delivery today. Thank you Lord for a diligent, caring team of doctors!
We finally left a little after 3, got something to eat (with beaf of course) and stopped by the fabric store and my mom got me the coolest fabrics to make scarves! By this time though, i was exhausted. went home and collapsed and an awesome couple in my church family brought dinner. Aren't God's people the best. I rested at mom and dad's until i went home and went to bed. I am sooo thankful for my parents too.
Well, that's it. you are updated!
Hope you have a peaceful, restful weekend and are showered with blessings!

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Valerie said...

I just don't know how you do it. What an example you are. It sounds like you are fighting through this battle. I hope to meet you one day. Your mom sounds precious. There is nothing like a mom. I will be praying that you will have good days ahead.